iPad Sling: Ultra-Minimal iPad transport

Apple's iPad is an amazingly portable device. That being said, many of the bags and cases designed for it greatly reduce the level of mobility. With that design challenge in mind, I set out do design an ultra minimalistic method to carry an iPad, and only an iPad. I spent a significant amount of time research current bag/case offerings both online and in person. Next, I took to the field in search of real world user data- I wanted to know how people were carrying their hardware. I camped out in front of the Apple Store to increase my chances of hitting the right kind of consumers (pictures below).

I then researched how people carry other things of importance and came across a method used to transport a baby on a mother using a sheet of fabric. I also found an interesting product for inspiration, a compactable and reusable nylon shopping bag.

I am now combining this research and inspiration into an all new product. Stay tuned!