Advanced User Interfaces: Creating an Entertainment System for The Backseat

In this group project for my Advanced User Interfaces class, we explored different children’s entertainment systems for use in the back seat of cars/vans. We started by talking to children about what they thought they would like to do in the backseat of a car on a long trip. We found that younger children aged 7-10 did not have a strong desire to talk to each other and that they really wanted to do their own thing (i.e. play video games). Over the course of three iterative prototypes we selected a hardware and software solution. The hardware consisted of head mounted VR goggles connected to a central computer. These goggles possessed gesture recognition technology based on the Microsoft Kinect. The user would then interact with the operating system to play a series of AR/VR games designed to enhance interaction with the outside world. Examples of the applications were: Spy binoculars with range detection and microphone, a star gazing/education tool, and a tool to create music using the real-world objects that pass by the car using the Rockband interaction model by Harmonix.

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